On… 17th of May in Norway

17th of May-1
It felt like a day dedicated to many many colourful balloons!

Festivity and lots of people out and about for Norway’s Constitution day. Highly overcast skies but temperature was at a comfortable 20 or so degrees.

So what is the skinny on this 17th of May? It is Norway’s official national day :] So, according to a classmate’s husband, Norway had it’s constitution a century or so before it was given it’s ‘true’ independence. Being handed off from the Danes to the Swedes for an extra 100 or so years of ruling couldn’t have been all that fun for this fish loving, nature walking, rain attracting awesome country. So 17th of May is where all the Norwegians dress up in their fineries or their bunads – traditional rural wear turned proper festive wear, different colours and embellishments dependent on which area of Norway the mother is hailed from … or made up ones –  and have a lovely, crowded and fun family and friends day with a good helping of hot dogs and icecream :]

Here’s what I was able to snap amongst the festivities, enjoy!

17th of May-217th of May -2a 17th of May -2b 17th of May -2c17th of May -317th of May -417th of May -517th of May -617th of May -717th of May -817th of May -917th of May -10

I shall leave you with the annual soft is 17th of May with a random stranger’s winnie the pooh balloon. What a good mate 🙂 Read more on 17th of May here and bunads here.
17th of May -11

The rainy, snowy and windy London

Tower Bridge

Hei hei!

Was just out in London last week, having a quick wander and catch up with my buddy whom we (as in myself and my SO) met back in 2010 in HK. $150 (730kr approx?) return… well add a bit more for a blunder on dates XD but… wow… in Australia… that’s the price of a ticket from Sydney to Melbourne one-way… return if you are lucky!

So living in Norway, where everything is way expensive, sometimes a girl has got to hop to the next country, this time England –  London to get some essentials for the home. London was way tempermental, drizzling, gusting winds about and just snowing some real wet snow when it felt like it. A snowflake actually hit me in the eye… and the feeling was just as painful as the time i was cycling down to Flåm and a bug got me in the eye. Both times i thought sunglasses would really be needed! Though that didn’t stop us from getting a tad bit of sightseeing done, on top of stuffing ourselves silly in Chinatown. The tower of London and the blue bridge were pretty cool, the sweet sweet smell of caramelised nuts wafting from the  small overpriced carts always get me! I, ofcourse, could not walk away from buying a serving… 2 pounds for a tiny plastic cup of caramelised peanuts! What a ridiculous price… but it was so nice and warm to hold onto whilst London drizzled and lashed out with some strong chilly wind. We got our photos quickly and wandered back to the tube to Oxford Circus for more window shopping.

Tower of LondonTower of London

There were happy days and nights filled with window shopping  and some proper good company. Our buddy took us to an awesome Bogan Bingo night on the Thursday, absolute gold for terrible bogan humour and 80s throw back XD I haven’t played bingo since i was a kid, associating it with nice old ladies and gentle chaps at the local RSL getting their game on. I didn’t even know how a bingo pen looked like until that night … you gotta be in it to win it, real serious XD Didn’t come out a winner, but being a sore loser was never more accepted than on this night, many a good profanities coming from this very merry crowd 🙂

Bogan Bingo

We pretty much stayed between Oxford Circus and Chinatown for our whole trip. Sadly no photos on the foodage… too busy gobbling them down XD I love asian bakeries and i realllly love pineapple buns! I even have set myself a recipe for pineapple buns to try when i’m game!

Oxford Circus

At the end of the trip, our loot was not too bad and we also did not break the bank with a crazy shopping spree (even though i really wanted to XDDD ) 🙂 The trench coat on my list to-buys never made it but we did get:
Mountain walking shoes
Scarves and Tops
Art supplies

I’ll leave you guys withs a phone box photo!
Happy Easter everyone!

The London phone box


Woot ! first day of spring!

Hi there,

Oh look, knobby trees. It’s the first day of spring but it sure does not feel anything like it.
Either way, I double – triple checked the hourly forecast for the day before wandering out without an umbrella and also… in my lighter coat.
It was a great sunny day… actually… can’t quite remember if it was a sunny day or not, but it was definitely nice out and about. Remembering that one of my friends requested for random shots of Bergen… I pottered about and snapped a few for story telling 🙂

Easter is coming and the homeware stalls have really adorable items to be bought, i think it’s up there with my coconut turtle from fiji… ok… maybe my coco turtle trumps this by far XD There’s also awesome easter chocolate eggs and mazipan lollies that turn half price after Easter, I am staring at you, you little chocolate eggs!


These next few pics are of the Bergen city centre, kids love to wander about the stones in this area, i recall that it is also a water feature during the summer. I guess it’s a little too daring to have the water on during the start of spring, seeing how things are still freezing over XD This is just off Festplassen, where there’s a massive pond (?) that’s totally frozen over, some years when the ice is thick enough… you can even walk on the pond! I shall take some photos tomorrow of this pond, the greenery surrounding it is quite pretty… however, it can look sad during winter/start of spring 🙂



The mountain you see in the distance up there takes about 45 minutes to walk, I have yet to test out that time, I need to get those walking shoes pronto! The other option is  a nice little cable car ride up that costs… no free fare in Bergen!  That big stone is called the Blue stone (until i am told otherwise XDD). It’s a highly used meeting point 🙂IMG_20130301_211740[1] IMG_20130301_211833[1]

Good old Henrik Ibsen statue by Nils Raa in 1981 chilling by Bergen’s main theatre ‘The Nationale Scene’. I’m not too sure why the 4 statues up on the staircase are painted all fluro, but yes, i like it!  This following pic shows a lonely lolly shop, it is also very close to the threatre and to the main cinema of Bergen, this lolly store gets much traffic when popcorn and frozen coke just does not cut it for movie goers X)IMG_20130301_211908[1]

Just lunching, mafia and lazing the friday away with international students and bergen locals. The rain and snow came soon after we walked into the cafe and its reign was over after the many hours we sat and willed away. I took two tries to order a chai latte at the counter, yay to taking baby steps! Jeg vil gjerne har en chai latte. Takk. What I got out of this outing was that I really need to work on my norwegian. Yay to classes next week! *Strums up courage to banish procrastination*IMG_20130301_212039[1] IMG_20130301_212134[1]

Quick Fact: I actually trained it all the way to Oslo and back just last weekend… and THE couch has arrived! I thought it was meant to look grey… but it’s brown… must be the yellow spotlights in the lounge. I have a bit to write, shall update with some more fluff soon!
See yas!

Oh It’s an update – Leaving Australia alone and living it up in the Northen Hemisphere – Bergen Norway!

It has been a while since I updated this space.

The last time was gardening and after reaping quite a many unbelievably sweet cherry tomatoes, I had a haitus on the gardening front… ie just let them wither and die away. The eggplants actually never turned up to the party. Very dissapointing indeed. So, here’s what I have been up to before wandering off to Norway:


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAnyways, now we have arrived in a new country for living purposes where the aussie is up there with the polar bears and crazy penguins. It’s only been two weeks but I guess I am getting used to it. Tomorrow, I will be heading out to the malls to get myself something decent to hike the 7 surrounding mountains of Bergen. It’s been 2 weeks of larding about and it’s time for some proper action 🙂 Well… after polishing this icecream with tutti frutti toppings in the harsh winter day XD Update soon! 🙂

Norway road trip part 2 of 3 :) Flåm to Myrdal!

Hi there!

Look how time flies, it’s already BEYOND mid August… Haha… been a bit of a busy bee.

The skinny: Left for Flåm to Myrdal (Marsh Valley in Norwegian) train. Amazing amazing AMAZING scenery… EVERRR!! Biked down the mountain. Goats. More goats. Waterfalls. Flower wreaths.

Undredal Valley

Undredal Valley

Undredal Accomodation by the water

Undredal Accomodation by the water

So the last post had us staying in the lovely valley town of Undredal (dal means valley in Norwegian) getting some rest and refueling for our epic day trip at the next valley town over – Flåm! Early morning, blue skies and sunshine… ooo and the first ripe red berries I’ve seen – July is actually a little early for scavenging wild berries… but there is light! I was assured that the farms up north would have lots of ripe berries so I didn’t attack the plant. Look at the berrrrriees!!!! Free berries!!!!


Ripe Red currants?? ooooo~!

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Norway road trip part 1 of 3 :)

So, as previous posts, I was wandering about in the Norway summer for the first half of July.

This trip was all rainbows, waterfalls, mountains, crazy goats, yummy food, icecream and warmth!

The weather for this road trip was sooo nice and warm, like a good and proper summer day! We started off the tripping to see close by glaciers though first we hit a massive waterfall pit-stop XD We wandered about, took some photos and got ourselves some boat icecream! 🙂

waterfall and boat icecream

waterfall and boat icecream – yummy

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Road trip Norway – stage 1

So after eating many cakes and stuffing our faces silly… we had our road trip to the farmhouse in the north to plan!

E quickly got a rough plan going with a great detour to get glimpses of a few glaciers, waterfalls, rock formations, hike some mountains and check out some old lighthouses whilst also seeing more of the scenics in this scenic country. The plan was around a week or so. See the action in the next few posts 🙂

Here’s a shot of soft ice smothered in chocolate powder and a two scoop (cappuccino and some flavour with little caramel pieces in it) wafer cone in front of the Bergen harbour. We had just finished wandering around the newly opened tourist information building hence the booklets…Well when I say newly opened I mean that it was still under construction when I was last in Bergen which was end of January.