Sketchbook Friday – Rose puff!

rose-puff-190413Homage to all things sweet and delicious, Laduree ❤

lazy tasty dip!

I have always been a fan of the workplace bake-a-thons and celebrations where your workmates whip up smokin’ deliciousness to satisfy even the most picky of palates 🙂


This is Cow and Moon newtown icecream stand-in til dip pics are in XD

Just last Thursday, we had a workplace birthday celebration. The birthday girl is a major chocoholic so it was all decadent dark chocolate cake and fluffy cupcakes topped with rich slatherings of chocolate frosting. Bag upon bags of pods, maltesers, snickers, caramels and more, lay like temptresses on the board room table (I totally couldn’t resist, pocketing a crunching crunchie and snickering snicker fun size into my cardigan pocket). However, the one shining star was actually the unassuming savoury dip sitting humbly on the edge of all the celebration, in a plain takeaway box.

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Milk tea pick me ups

Recently, I was shown a great way to get my milk tea hit. Fine, it is not as fancy schmancy as the franchise milk teas with their assortment of toppings nor is it as exciting as racing out with my workmates when the coffee man’s horn signals his arrival, but it is a comforting and warming drink when the air conditioning at work is raining  cold air relentlessly and very considerate towards the wallet. A great thumbs up from me taste buds (plus calcium hit!). Just yesterday I passed a Chatime…Chatime Schmatime I say! I can walk away with a feeling of triumph. No more guilty feelings after greedily gobbling down those expensive and overtly sugary milk teas (they were so yummy though XD)

Here’s the easy schmeezy milk tea recipe on the go!

Material it up:

2 black tea bags
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 a cup of milk (very rough measure, I just literally fill my cup half way)


This is my milk tea mug 🙂

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