On… 17th of May in Norway

17th of May-1
It felt like a day dedicated to many many colourful balloons!

Festivity and lots of people out and about for Norway’s Constitution day. Highly overcast skies but temperature was at a comfortable 20 or so degrees.

So what is the skinny on this 17th of May? It is Norway’s official national day :] So, according to a classmate’s husband, Norway had it’s constitution a century or so before it was given it’s ‘true’ independence. Being handed off from the Danes to the Swedes for an extra 100 or so years of ruling couldn’t have been all that fun for this fish loving, nature walking, rain attracting awesome country. So 17th of May is where all the Norwegians dress up in their fineries or their bunads – traditional rural wear turned proper festive wear, different colours and embellishments dependent on which area of Norway the mother is hailed from … or made up ones –  and have a lovely, crowded and fun family and friends day with a good helping of hot dogs and icecream :]

Here’s what I was able to snap amongst the festivities, enjoy!

17th of May-217th of May -2a 17th of May -2b 17th of May -2c17th of May -317th of May -417th of May -517th of May -617th of May -717th of May -817th of May -917th of May -10

I shall leave you with the annual soft is 17th of May with a random stranger’s winnie the pooh balloon. What a good mate 🙂 Read more on 17th of May here and bunads here.
17th of May -11


lazy tasty dip!

I have always been a fan of the workplace bake-a-thons and celebrations where your workmates whip up smokin’ deliciousness to satisfy even the most picky of palates 🙂


This is Cow and Moon newtown icecream stand-in til dip pics are in XD

Just last Thursday, we had a workplace birthday celebration. The birthday girl is a major chocoholic so it was all decadent dark chocolate cake and fluffy cupcakes topped with rich slatherings of chocolate frosting. Bag upon bags of pods, maltesers, snickers, caramels and more, lay like temptresses on the board room table (I totally couldn’t resist, pocketing a crunching crunchie and snickering snicker fun size into my cardigan pocket). However, the one shining star was actually the unassuming savoury dip sitting humbly on the edge of all the celebration, in a plain takeaway box.

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Norway road trip part 1 of 3 :)

So, as previous posts, I was wandering about in the Norway summer for the first half of July.

This trip was all rainbows, waterfalls, mountains, crazy goats, yummy food, icecream and warmth!

The weather for this road trip was sooo nice and warm, like a good and proper summer day! We started off the tripping to see close by glaciers though first we hit a massive waterfall pit-stop XD We wandered about, took some photos and got ourselves some boat icecream! 🙂

waterfall and boat icecream

waterfall and boat icecream – yummy

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Road trip Norway – stage 1

So after eating many cakes and stuffing our faces silly… we had our road trip to the farmhouse in the north to plan!

E quickly got a rough plan going with a great detour to get glimpses of a few glaciers, waterfalls, rock formations, hike some mountains and check out some old lighthouses whilst also seeing more of the scenics in this scenic country. The plan was around a week or so. See the action in the next few posts 🙂

Here’s a shot of soft ice smothered in chocolate powder and a two scoop (cappuccino and some flavour with little caramel pieces in it) wafer cone in front of the Bergen harbour. We had just finished wandering around the newly opened tourist information building hence the booklets…Well when I say newly opened I mean that it was still under construction when I was last in Bergen which was end of January.