Delicious Carrot Cake Recipe – Smakfull Gulrotkakeoppskrift

Wow it’s been a long sunday baking it up in the kitchen!
Gulrotkake stk
I first tried this lovely carrot cake at a friend’s place. It was soooo very moist and ridiculously easy to make. Even grating the 10 or so carrots wasn’t so bad when you have friends about. :] I asked for the recipe and have been waiting to create the carrot cake once more. Cue in Sunday baking and inviting E’s family over for after dinner cake and decadent hot chocolate :]Gulrotkake Recipe
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Marco Mazzoni – Dainty, vibrant and other-wordly


Dainty, vibrant and other-wordly. Those would be the words i woud use to describe Marco Mazzonis pieces. His bold and strong pieces are done in colour pencils. Highly time consuming but the results are well worth it. He seems to play with the subject flora vs fauna quite a bit and his exquisite use of negative space is very dramatic.

I have got to have an attempt at this style, maybe not with pencils but the idea of it is very pretty and ethereal. Hopefully I can have something on his level in the near future… just got to put in the hours :]


Source: 1. 2. Marco Mazzoni

Just slightly sketchy :)


sketchbook -120413-goldfishHei hei Everyone!

Oh look, sketches!
Had Kimbra’s album on loop whilst happily doodling friday away :] Also, got through the first 4 episodes of The Carrie Diaries when I took a break from listening to the loop. I still wish they didn’t cancel Jane by Design… I really liked that show… and all Jane’s wardrobe! I think I should get another monitor as I had to reduce my photoshop window quite a bit to fit in the media player XD Also… do click for a bigger look at the silly goldfish, it’s a little sharper when it’s at it’s proper unsquished size :]

Now… i’m quite famished! Time to see when some yummy tomato soup and toasty buttered sourdough can be made! Yeh… the kitchen is currently getting measured coz we are having some black floral plates gracing the walls of the kitchen! yay! I’ll leave you with this last pic, I was chatting to my friend earlier today and he asked to draw him a ferret. He said he would like one for a pet and can have them trained for the hood XD So here goes, a girl in a hoodie with a ferret… bit hard to tell what that furry creature is… sitting on her shoulder. Hoope you like it James :]


Enjoy the weekend everyone! Har en fin helgen! 🙂

The rainy, snowy and windy London

Tower Bridge

Hei hei!

Was just out in London last week, having a quick wander and catch up with my buddy whom we (as in myself and my SO) met back in 2010 in HK. $150 (730kr approx?) return… well add a bit more for a blunder on dates XD but… wow… in Australia… that’s the price of a ticket from Sydney to Melbourne one-way… return if you are lucky!

So living in Norway, where everything is way expensive, sometimes a girl has got to hop to the next country, this time England –  London to get some essentials for the home. London was way tempermental, drizzling, gusting winds about and just snowing some real wet snow when it felt like it. A snowflake actually hit me in the eye… and the feeling was just as painful as the time i was cycling down to Flåm and a bug got me in the eye. Both times i thought sunglasses would really be needed! Though that didn’t stop us from getting a tad bit of sightseeing done, on top of stuffing ourselves silly in Chinatown. The tower of London and the blue bridge were pretty cool, the sweet sweet smell of caramelised nuts wafting from the  small overpriced carts always get me! I, ofcourse, could not walk away from buying a serving… 2 pounds for a tiny plastic cup of caramelised peanuts! What a ridiculous price… but it was so nice and warm to hold onto whilst London drizzled and lashed out with some strong chilly wind. We got our photos quickly and wandered back to the tube to Oxford Circus for more window shopping.

Tower of LondonTower of London

There were happy days and nights filled with window shopping  and some proper good company. Our buddy took us to an awesome Bogan Bingo night on the Thursday, absolute gold for terrible bogan humour and 80s throw back XD I haven’t played bingo since i was a kid, associating it with nice old ladies and gentle chaps at the local RSL getting their game on. I didn’t even know how a bingo pen looked like until that night … you gotta be in it to win it, real serious XD Didn’t come out a winner, but being a sore loser was never more accepted than on this night, many a good profanities coming from this very merry crowd 🙂

Bogan Bingo

We pretty much stayed between Oxford Circus and Chinatown for our whole trip. Sadly no photos on the foodage… too busy gobbling them down XD I love asian bakeries and i realllly love pineapple buns! I even have set myself a recipe for pineapple buns to try when i’m game!

Oxford Circus

At the end of the trip, our loot was not too bad and we also did not break the bank with a crazy shopping spree (even though i really wanted to XDDD ) 🙂 The trench coat on my list to-buys never made it but we did get:
Mountain walking shoes
Scarves and Tops
Art supplies

I’ll leave you guys withs a phone box photo!
Happy Easter everyone!

The London phone box


Week1 : Super intensive Norsk course

The first week of Super intensive Norwegian class have come to an end. It was surprisingly helpful but i was hoping for it to be moving at a even quicker pace or just  just a little more in depth. Haha I’m asking a little too much from the first week of the absolute beginners course. As I recall taking French super intensive,  it felt like we consumed so much more french… maybe because I had not had any self study before that course.. hmmn…

The jist of things were quite easy to follow and the classes helped solidify quite a lot of what I have been self studying before arriving in Norway.Truth be said… the self study was laced mostly with procrastination but it definitely helped to have a bit of background before wandering into the course.

We ended the week with a gathering at one of the class mate’s home and practiced our Norwegian so far, i bet we were all over the place with our grammar, but our hearts were in it! 🙂

Norsk Nå

Snacks for study session

I’ve had  quite a good week as well! The weather in Bergen has been amazing… IE it didn’t rain when we were all out and about 🙂 Since coming to Norway, I have been in the kitchen cooking cooking cooking. Freinds gathering = happily cooking some yummies. It’s pretty crazy stuff. Oh, and I have a full list of dishes I want to cook, dishes that i’m craving that my mum and grandpa makes exceptionally well… but have yet to find the ingredients nor the equipment… .-. I gotta ask around some more and get some good pointers *nods*I had a yummy nikujaga recently… I believe the youtube chan ‘cooking with dog’ has the instructions! Anyways, here’s the stuff that has been brewing in the kitchens and group effort gatherings:

Teriyaki Salmon with Salad on the sideOyakodonPork StirfryQuick Bacon and Egg with riceSweet Egg CustardCheese Snitzel with sidesSteam Bun with Sugar snap, pork and onion fillingHomemade Carrot Cake Gulrot kakeHomemade Carrot Cake Gulrot kake

I’m hoping to go to my fav vietnamese restuarant to get a bowl of pho some day soon. I have been craving it for over a week. I think I might just be out of my league to try my hands at making a bowl of that awesomeness… plus I don’t have a massive pot to keep the stock on a rolling boil throughout the night… yeh my uncle from america made it when his family was last in Australia… it was soooooooooo delish!!!! TT

I’ll leave you with a pic of a friend’s cat XD
Well well, until another time 🙂

Gardening time!

Spring is here!

Over the sunny long weekend, I’d been reading up on gardening and various plants that would be easy for a beginner’s foray into the wonderful world of gardening. After hours and hours of googling, blog reading and youtubing, I was right and ready to hunt for my supplies~!

I wanted herbs and tomatoes…in one pot and not too much maintenance… and hopefully not too many bugs *dies*. I remember the wastage in the past… when we needed a bit of herbs but the supermarket only sold them in a large bunch! How convenient and proper would it be to have fresh herbs and vegies just outside the kitchen? Way proper! XD I needed to enlist buddies to help with loading up the potting mix and fertiliser and for good company.

The first on call was of course, my sister… however… she loves her Saturday sleep ins, hence a very difficult person to enlist. I unsuccessfully harassed her to wake up. I then called upon my good old cousin… whom i know looooooves the sausage sizzles that our local hardware/garden centre cooks up. She was easily persuaded! She exclaimed that before I called, she was failing at reading her study notes on a lovely Saturday morning… and that she had already taken a nap at 9am (it was approximately 10.15am then)! With combined effort (barging back into my sister’s room with my cousin on speaker), we got my sister to agree to a good outing!

After a lax half hour deadline, we were parking and wondering whether to get the sausage sizzles first or check out the supplies! As none of us were all that famished, we made our way towards the nursery. On our way… we did get sidetracked by a lovely fairy floss cart. Detour! 🙂

Fairy floss detour*nom nom* *ahem* Onwards to the nursery!

I came prepared with a list of plants for my one pot wonder. I picked up some cherry tomato, coriander, sweet basil and nasturtium seedlings. I had read to include the Nasturtium as it’s an edible flower, as well as, a great companion plant to tomatoes… keeping the munchie bugs away from my tomatoes and also help with wooing the bees and the butterflies for pollinating 🙂 I really wanted Borage as well, I read that it has really nice statement blue flowers,  a great companion plant to tomatoes as it should repel bugs along the lines of white flies and aphids and the leaves were meant to taste like cucumbers! It’s just positive after positive after positive, alas, the nursery did not stock them.*cries* My ever helpful cousin got most of the seedlings to the trolley, whilst I, read from my list. She even brought over some Vietnamese mint *YUM!* but I had to say no… as the plants on hand were definitely enough for a beginner gardener like me. I told myself… give yourself a week… if the seedlings have not died off yet… then you can go get some more kinds of seedlings… I think a week is actually too short a time frame.

Whilst being all jolly and whipped up in a gardening moment, my sister grabbed herself a little pot of eggplant seedling… because she loves to eat eggplants and thought … why not! XD I quickly googled companion plants for eggplants and found that marigold was a companion plant. Edible too! Popped them both into the trolley. We hunted for organic  potting mix and fertilisers. Heavy and dirty… the potting mix got our hands real dirty… in hindsight, we should have grabbed the sausage sizzle first then shopped. Next were pots… and a garden owl caught my sister’s eyes…. it was almost $8… too much of a bargain to pass by. It was swept away to the check out with us.

We managed to eat the sausage sizzle… it was more than a bit disappointing.

*twiddles thumb*

The next time i had any proper interaction with my seedlings other than watering them… was today! I had a good chat with my colleague who gardens… and I told her I shall be transplanting my little plants into their bigger pots. I really have no inkling of how much roughening up the little seedlings can take. I ripped a little hole to pour the potting mix neatly into the pots… but then it just split and quite a bit landed on the grass… lucky grass XD By the time I got everything transplanted and pressed a little firmly around the plants (I feel like i may have pressed a little too firmly… I mean… how firm is firm???!! *frustration*)… I kind of half buried the coriander and the tomato plants… the roots just kept staying up…. =.=;” I hope everything is alright. I also popped the eggplant and marigold into my sister’s pot. I seriously hope these seedlings aren’t little delicate princesses… that can’t take a little beating… the tomato plants do look a little sad *sigh*

Here are the potted plants! I hope they weather the harsh treatment, the stress of transplanting and the lack of water for the day… I made sure to add a bit more water this afternoon =.=” Haha, I am hoping quite a lot today *fingers crossed*
Fun side fact: The supposed fertiliser and potting mix i bought? I had unknowingly bought 2 potting mixes… one with fertiliser mixed in (ie don’t have to add nutrients for up to 6 weeks) and the other… straight. I know… what fail. Got to return the Potting mate and get some liquid nutrients for my plants 🙂

Eggplant and Marigold

Sister’s Eggplant and Marigold

Tomato, Basil, Coriander and Nasturtium

My Tomato, Basil, Coriander and Nasturtium Pot

lazy tasty dip!

I have always been a fan of the workplace bake-a-thons and celebrations where your workmates whip up smokin’ deliciousness to satisfy even the most picky of palates 🙂


This is Cow and Moon newtown icecream stand-in til dip pics are in XD

Just last Thursday, we had a workplace birthday celebration. The birthday girl is a major chocoholic so it was all decadent dark chocolate cake and fluffy cupcakes topped with rich slatherings of chocolate frosting. Bag upon bags of pods, maltesers, snickers, caramels and more, lay like temptresses on the board room table (I totally couldn’t resist, pocketing a crunching crunchie and snickering snicker fun size into my cardigan pocket). However, the one shining star was actually the unassuming savoury dip sitting humbly on the edge of all the celebration, in a plain takeaway box.

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Big Kisses and Polka Dots

Another week, another set of nails 🙂

During the Pastel green, red apples and polka dots! week… remember how I bought a strawberry red/pink… I had my eyes on that colour first! Ok I lied… I had my eyes on the green… second, was this nice ‘Big kisses’ colour from Mode. The two colours would go well together to make strawberry fruit nails! I think I’ll save that for another week.

This week I sported this: Tada~~~ *waves fingers*

Big Kisses and Polka Dots

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