Engagement bears – request from a friend.


Engagements are fun are they not? You get to announce it to the world in whatever fashion you desire. Be it writings in the sky, a dramatic drop-knee at a top romantic restaurant or just some other creative slash mundane way that suits you. There’s so much excitement over the ring and the planning of high teas. The sweet little treat to celebrate this momentous step closer to the big day.

Writer break: Got to grab a chocolate milk. Throat is scratchy. Ok, back at it.

So, when a good buddy asked if I can create an illustration of 2 teddy bears holding a chalkboard with ‘We’re Engaged’ on it, I, of course, said yes :] It ‘s for her invites she told me. She referenced the forever bears and the fizzy moon bears. I gave it a quick google and then got on to getting down some roughs. The roughs… they are mighty rough, made to scribble some poses and composition in. I refined them a bit to give her a notion of how the colouring of the bears would be simulated and also shaped up the lines a little.


She chose ‘B’ and wanted some casual clothes, pink bow on the boy bear and a simple pink dress for the girl bear :] Off to work I went embellishing as I go along. Freedom is key. Line art is always fun when you get drawn into it… time flies whilst you get the lines just the way you want it. Added some name tags near the end. I am a slow worker and I am a perfectionist in regards to getting things just so… so I’m like a turtle that doesn’t give up. 20 years later (haha 3 days later working on and off and watching Rachel Khoo on TV)… I produce this:


I utilised the natural brush set that comes with PS6. Drew directly on the screen of my Surface Pro2 (E’s christmas present to me) whilst lying about.

Payment: A lovely lunch when I am next in Australia X) I want meat pies, macarons and eclairs annd annnd a delicious coffee (of some sort… haven’t figured out what I want yet in the beverage department)!!! RAWRRRR! IE heading to The French Patisserie at The Rocks :]

Hope you enjoyed the post, I have to head to the library now… DVD ‘Tales of Earthsea’ needs to be returned X].

Until next time, keep creating :]

PS. Actually I have a few more requests I have yet to fulfill ._. Got to get get now X]

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prat <3

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