Baking Sundays – Baby profiteroles with vanilla sauce and raspberry jam


Sundays, I love Sundays.
It is my so called baking day and we made Baby Profiteroles 🙂

I remember the first time creating these guys was in hospitality class in high school, many years ago. A good ol’ versatile choux pastry in need of major elbow grease. Resulting in delicious puffs and eclairs. I even made it a few years back, they came out too dry, you wouldn’t think it possible to overbake these guys… but i found out it was quite possible XD I also had a love for delicious custard puffs and that’s what I always try to buy whenever I head to an asian bakery back in Sydney.

Today, I have revisited the choux pastry with my partner in crime and nutted out some dainty mini puffs. I’ve been craving some custard puffs… but we only had a finite amount of eggs… cue in 3, enough to make the puffs but not the custard XD I sat cross-legged in front of the oven watching them become golden and yummy. When at last, after a few hurdles, they came out smelling great, we filled the cute little puffs with raspberry jam, drizzled with vanilla sauce and devoured in front of episodes of Arrow. Satisfied little home bakers we are :]

Dainty Profiteroles recipe

Ingredients: 170ml water; 170ml milk; 100g butter; 1 tsp salt and sugar; 170g flour; 4 eggs
NB: Use unsalted butter for a clean palette for your own flavourings.

1. Pop the water, milk, butter, salt and sugar in a pot and bring it to scalding, which is just under boiling.
2. Pour in flour all in one go whilst stirring -a wooden spatula is a good utensil for this- vigorously until it comes away from the pot in a nice ball.
3. Transfer to a mixing bowl, stir to cool down til your fingers can touch the dough. Drop in one egg, mix and continue til all four eggs are incorporated.
4. Transsfer to a piping bag and get started piping uniform 20 cent circles.
5. Pop these babies into the oven at 170degrees convection for 20-40 minutes. After 25 minutes, it should be stable enough to open the oven door briefly. Whip them out when they are golden and crispy on the outside. If unsure, pull out a tester and rip it open, if it’s moist in the middle then throw it back into the oven for another 5minutes, recheck til you are happy with the results.

Bloopers: When I made these today, we only had 3 eggs, they still turned out great. My piping skills are a shocker, there were some uglies but tasties in the batches XD I had these darlings in and out of the oven at least 3 times to get them just right… underbaking is not  an excuse! XD Finicky little buddies these ones are!
Enjoy your Sundays! 🙂

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prat <3

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