lazy tasty dip!

I have always been a fan of the workplace bake-a-thons and celebrations where your workmates whip up smokin’ deliciousness to satisfy even the most picky of palates 🙂


This is Cow and Moon newtown icecream stand-in til dip pics are in XD

Just last Thursday, we had a workplace birthday celebration. The birthday girl is a major chocoholic so it was all decadent dark chocolate cake and fluffy cupcakes topped with rich slatherings of chocolate frosting. Bag upon bags of pods, maltesers, snickers, caramels and more, lay like temptresses on the board room table (I totally couldn’t resist, pocketing a crunching crunchie and snickering snicker fun size into my cardigan pocket). However, the one shining star was actually the unassuming savoury dip sitting humbly on the edge of all the celebration, in a plain takeaway box.

When I popped a dipped cracker into my mouth… my mouth seriously queued up by itself for more! yummy! Of course I had to know how it was made so that I could replicate til my heart’s content, any self respecting foodaholic would!

Now, I’m going to share this awesome dip-tastic recipe with you 🙂 You really won’t believe how something so tasty could be so simple! Express lane to domestic goddess-dom here we come!

Materiality up:
a little tub of sour cream
a continental packet of spring onion soup powder (or try the other flavours… cream of mushroom sounds like yumminess!)

To do:
Mix the two together til you don’t see any of the powder. The sour cream will dissolve the powder.
Pour into a container or cute little bowls.
Refrigerate over night for a nice firmness.
Done!!!  Time to get the crackers out and enjoy! 🙂

I’ll get the photos in another day XD


prat <3

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