Big Kisses and Polka Dots

Another week, another set of nails 🙂

During the Pastel green, red apples and polka dots! week… remember how I bought a strawberry red/pink… I had my eyes on that colour first! Ok I lied… I had my eyes on the green… second, was this nice ‘Big kisses’ colour from Mode. The two colours would go well together to make strawberry fruit nails! I think I’ll save that for another week.

This week I sported this: Tada~~~ *waves fingers*

Big Kisses and Polka Dots

 Material it up:
Mode ‘Big Kisses’
Ultra3 ‘Lily White’
Toothpick for making dots
Base and Top Coat

I applied base coat, then 2 coats of this lovely strawberry  pink. The pink was still slightly transparent but I really didn’t want to wait eons before popping the dots on. I was also a little impatient with the dots so the sizing were quite random.  There were multiple mess ups since my nails took forever to dry (yes… another the 3rd coat of colour would mean I won’t be going anywhere til night XD), it may be my room… too cold to dry the nails naturally. They normally end up smudged or, if my nails somehow dodged being smudged… the top coat gets all scratched up as I start getting on with my life before the polish is 100% hardened. I mean, the OPI top coat drip dry prints “thoroughly hardens in 5 minutes”, I sit for 45 minutes and it’s still tacky. *sigh*

Big Kisses and Polka Dots 2

Aussie Dollar FTW~ 🙂

Full Polka dots on the thumb and 3 dots at the base of the nails for the remaining fingers~ 🙂

Until next time! *waves*

prat <3

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