Neons, Kites and bows

What does Neons, Kites and Bows have in common?
Read on to find out :3
neon kite and bow

While waiting on a message that never came, I noticed that my current nailart (of 7 days) from Pastel green, red apples and polka dots, was being all rebellious on my right hand (middle finger). It was peeling once again. I had previously applied a generous dashing of top coat to keep it in check but it had broken free of its confines and was all out to ruin everything *high drama*! Yes, the trouble maker had been giving me grief right from the start… I guess it was its way to protest against my harsh treatment of him and his peers (I’d gone to wash the dishes and hand washed some clothes for good measure ._.” ).

Luckily, my nails were due for some happy experimentation. I like cute. I like classy. I like pretty. Sydney has been way gusty, windy and bellowy these last few days. It’s just doing all sorts of sideways tossing XD Isn’t these days the perfect days for high visibility kites with a fancy bow chain??? We need fluoro so that bystanders would know when to duck and dodge when the crazy kite monster swoops down… or to just avoid the whole area… sadly when I was a kid, I walked into some mean kite string, definitely not a fun experience. Hi-vis it up!

What I have to offer is pink neon kites and mellow yellow bows in the confinements of my own nails… pop in some extra neon pink baubles for bubbly zing~!! 🙂

Neon, Kite and Bows

Material it up and get a doodling! 🙂
My sakura microperm .01 was not all that trusty… it was tricky trying to keep the ink going whilst doodling on the base coat. Watch out for the ink running when applying top coat. Go light pressure and light layer for effective reduction of the smudgi-ness.

I even attempted getting the artsy fartsy onto my right hand… gosh… my left hand is one shaky and inexperienced wench XD With much effort, I got the design in, alas a little more rough… and let’s not get started on the right kite’s smudgy form *sigh*

All in all, it was fun even though I’d gone all cross eyed from the doodling and colouring XD

Until next time! Time to chillax to the Kdrama. *out* 🙂

Oh! on a side note, that’s “The hero of ages” by Brandon Sanderson, third book to the “Mistborn” series. Good stuff to read. *nods*


prat <3

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