Pastel green, red apples and polka dots!

Red Apple on Polka Dots

Red Apple on Polka Dots

When I’m done with all my obligations in a day, I just want to relax and have some me time. Facials would be nice (sadly need to buy new facial prods… all out) but getting my nails done up pretty is right up there with the joy of stuffing my face silly with yummy creme brulee!

Just last Friday, I accompanied my sister to the local chemist, she grabbed her meds for the crazy contagious flu and I… went straight for drugstore nail polish *hurr hurr*. A nice big sign near the counter shouted at me: Mode nail polish $2.45 for one and $4 for 2??!!!! I was there. One hand was holding onto a pastel green ‘Cool As’… I had to have a green pastel as I had wanted the OPI Mermaid’s tears bottle…. I thought this one was close enough… though i really have no clue whether it was close at all XD. My right hand was swiping about in the full bowl, I came up with what I thought was a good strawberry kind of colour “Big Kisses” and four other matte pastels.Β  So 6 bottles and not all that sure of the polish consistency. It would have been a big mistake if I bought them all and they were all terribly watery. As highly impulsive as I am… it was with great restraint I let the other four roll back into their cozy bowl and checked out! *pats shoulder*

So, here are the nails I’ve been wearing for the week πŸ™‚

Pastel Green and White Polka Dot Nails

Mode ‘Cool as’ and OPI’s ‘Peace Baby!’

I added a red apple to the feature ring finger after a friend linked me her nails X) I popped it on top of my polka dots… seeing how I was still loving it and didn’t want to wipe it all off XD It was fun… not bad on the left rign finger… way too shaky with my execution of the right ring finger apple. See the first pic in post for the red apple πŸ™‚

Here are the nail polishes used. The top coat and quick drip dry didn’t thoroughly dry my nails in 5 minutes… must be due to my home being way too cold… *sigh*


Polishes used. Depend is bought from Norway. OPi. Then the two drugstores: Mode and Ultra3 πŸ™‚

Polish new!

New toys!

Tada! I ended up going back today and bought the four others X) The consistency is fine!
I’m gonna be trying strawberries next. Or just other polka dots… also read that there’s an Egyptian trend on!


sakura microperm .01

permanent pen and polish πŸ™‚

*out for real*

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