If I had a pet… it would be loveable!!!

cute dog

A small cute something that I can dress up and take for walks.
A cutie satisfied with a quaint balcony as it’s main hub.
Next to home grown tomatoes and herbs.
A something something that loves to catch the sticks and snowballs that I throw out across the park.

It could be a chicken… then I can have fresh eggs everyday… but they won’t like it on the balcony.
It could be a cute small dog… that can sometimes come into the house and roll about.
It could be a cat… but it has to be a real adorable cat… that doesn’t hiss at me all the time.
It could be a cute bunny… but they get frightened to death by their own shadows, a bit of sun… or a rotten piece of tofu >>”
It could be a guinea pig… but they get a little too long… they don’t really stay compact I like compact o-o

Or maybe a lemming… I’ve seen a video of them, don’t have the link for that one… but here’s a different link… they kind of look cute… but had dealbreaker long front teeth .-. they are packed full of angry, a pinch fiesty and too much crazy… maybe not lemmings then XD

A cat is not bad at all! 🙂 Nor a dog! Which of these are the least work?


prat <3

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