Norway road trip part 2 of 3 :) Flåm to Myrdal!

Hi there!

Look how time flies, it’s already BEYOND mid August… Haha… been a bit of a busy bee.

The skinny: Left for Flåm to Myrdal (Marsh Valley in Norwegian) train. Amazing amazing AMAZING scenery… EVERRR!! Biked down the mountain. Goats. More goats. Waterfalls. Flower wreaths.

Undredal Valley

Undredal Valley

Undredal Accomodation by the water

Undredal Accomodation by the water

So the last post had us staying in the lovely valley town of Undredal (dal means valley in Norwegian) getting some rest and refueling for our epic day trip at the next valley town over – Flåm! Early morning, blue skies and sunshine… ooo and the first ripe red berries I’ve seen – July is actually a little early for scavenging wild berries… but there is light! I was assured that the farms up north would have lots of ripe berries so I didn’t attack the plant. Look at the berrrrriees!!!! Free berries!!!!


Ripe Red currants?? ooooo~!

I digress. Continuing on, I snapped up a few pics of quaint Undredal, E grabbed some yummy brown cheese blocks and brown cheese caramel (omg… so yummy!) and I picked up a few colour stone pendants and it was time to go!

Boat house

Boat house

Good old Undredal

Good old Undredal

Undredal Brown Cheese

Undredal Brown Cheese

Oh more pictures… there were crazy goats everywhere on the road, I read somewhere that there are approximately 500 goats vs 100 people living in Undredal… what a population! So, I had to snap some photos right?? Heavy camera in hand, I wandered close to a goat… and it got closer to me… he/she was definitely not backing down… whilst I was busy staring down that white goat, a whole stampede of goats were marching my way. I pretty much ran back to the safety of the car and took blurry photos instead.

The white goat

The white goat I was trying to take a photo of XD

goat stampede

In the car shooting blurry photos XD

Onwards, we arrived and parked in Flåm, this day trip was all about the Flåm to Myrdal railway for a scenic kick and then ride the bike back down for fun and more up close and personal kick. Due to its absolute gorgeous scenery, this day trip is highly… HIGHLY popular with the tourists. The Myrdal stop is a mountain station where you can change trains to get to Oslo. I have heard that the train trip from Oslo to Bergen is highly scenic and should definitely be done whilst you are awake and in daylight… but that the other way around (Bergen to Oslo) is not so hyped as the train goes from crazy scenic and ends in boring (ie! boring to crazy scenic is wayyy better way to end a trip!).

So… we grabbed brekky then went to check on the times for the train. 20 minutes! That’s when the train was coming. The next one would be in 45minutes to 1 hours time… we only had E’s wallet and the sunglasses on our heads! We were definitely catching this coming one. We are not patient enough to potter about! 20 minutes was too small a window for lining up to get our train tickets, hiring our bikes as well as grab our stuff from the car. I made an executive decision to fore go our gear as the ride would only be around 3-4 hours max. E got our tickets and hired our bikes. A bike train fare is required, a tag number is tied to the bike and the train staff loads the bike into the train. After a celebratory jump shot (or a few) we were off to see the crazy mountains, valleys… and many many many waterfalls! The train stops for around 10 minutes at a waterfall and we’re treated with a live show with mythical sirens, if you don’t like getting crazy water sprays all over you… or you are prone to frizzy hair… don’t head out of the train… but you’ll be missing out! 🙂


In the car shooting blurry photos XD

happy Flam jump

tourists touristing in Flam

flam scenic rail

The gorgeous landscape

Myrdal zigzag path

See the steep zigzag… we went down that way!

sirens at the waterfall

sirens danced around the waterfall 🙂

Reaching the top, we grabbed our bikes and started our descent. There’s quality signage and really.. there’s only one easy but gorgeous path to follow.We had been warned that there were quite a bit of steep steeeep zigzaging down the mountain and then it smooths out. Crazy loose gravel and steep riding planes are definitely something I did not want to tackle on the bike. Knowing me, I’d end up skidding and rolling into a waterfall. I opted for walking XD


Myrdal to Flåm!

The full beauty of the bike kicked in on flat long paths, while other people were walking, we were just rolling by. Whilst this one dude with a black t shirt (soaks in too much heat!!) and 3 heavy looking front and backpacks laboured slowly along the path, E and I were gathering flowers and taking photos next to a rapid river, then eating yummy brown cheese on toast… the crazy goats attacked our collected flowers.. we collected new ones and made a flower wreath and even made it back to Flåm without too much effort and in much less time! 🙂 Just be sure to wear some eye protection, my face was quite the target for suicide bugs and then unfortunately and painfully… I copped a bug to my eye… omg, it was the worst feeling… you just don’t know whether you should open your eye or keep it shut real tight so that it won’t fidget about and hurt the eye even more. I went for squeezing real tight… painful T^T eventually I somehow got my eye to open and blinked rapidly and it was no longer there… *sighs in relief* After that… I kept the darn pair of sunglasses permanently on!  Wind in my hair, lovely river by my side… crazy goats eating everything in sight.. rainbows… it was a good day! 🙂


cruising on my bike~

gathered flowers

wild flowers by the rapids


The crazy goats went and ate all the flowers we had been picking… see the goats hovering round the bikes


This goat just wanted in on the cafe so much!


Yummy brown cheese on toast before continuing on~


Such a curious goat… it tried for my paperbag which held our plastic cups for fresh water… tsk tsk


A nice rainbow across the rapids~


Popping grass on a line of spikes to dry is another way of making hay!

flower wreath

Our new ornamental flower wreath with the lovely waterfall to keep it company 🙂

Come here to read more about this scenic railway – just googled when I started this post today XD

Until the third concluding installment~
Thanks for reading! *waves*


prat <3

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