Rhubarb and strawberry pie!

Since it’s summer, flowers and plants are in full bloom. The rhubarb plant was ripe for the picking and we had such a large bowl of leftover strawberries just begging to be exploited and made into something great… Rhubarb and strawberry pie it is!

The recipe comes from an old norwegian cookbook, is it pretty much the third time we have made it. The first two times were made last summer, a rhubarb pie and also a rhubarb and wild blueberry pie. The wild blue berries were scavenged around the hill the house sits upon, it was fun but i also fell in a bush and that scared the living day lights out of me… But i guess it paid off in pie! Both were very delicious but the crusts were a little bit fail… too dry.

This time it was pretty spot on, with a nice crumbly crust, yummy filling and lots of ice cream on the side.



Recipe to come soon 🙂



prat <3

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