Last morning in Oslo

Last morning in oslo was spent soooooo very effectively even I was proud of myself with such achievement XD

I was pretty jet-lagged so I was up around 3.30am… Got myself back to sleep til the alarm went off at 6.30am. Showered, got dressed, packed my gears back into my pink carry-on rollie bag, armed myself with my current crappy Experia mini pro and headed out to be absolutely touristy!

Here’s my results of the day:








I returned from my photography frenzy to squeeze in brekky at the hotel buffet then it was checkout and race to the bus terminal to catch the 10:45am airport bus. All in all a pretty good first experience of Oslo, pity I didn’t have time to check out the Munch museum. Oh well, another time… I’ve got a date with the west coast of Norway 🙂




prat <3

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