Flown to Norway

Hi there

So, I had stopped by Doha airport for a 3 hr transit then off to Oslo – the capital of Norway – for a quick 2 day roam. The buses are replacing the trains as the tracks are being fixed. The cool thing was that the bus from the airport to the city was relatively easy to find and if you are a student the price is only 80kr. Also… There’s free wifi on the SAS flybussen so that arrangements for pick up or just to update your blog on the 40 minute ride.

When I got to the bus terminal I was a little confused and needed a nice Oslo citizen to guide me on my way. The lady I chanced by at the bus stop was waiting for her sister and was heading towards the big shopping centre for the big sale bargains which happened to be in the direction of Anker hotel – the destination of my 2 nights stay- so I had a walking buddy until I reached my street.

I was pretty beat by the time I got to check-in to my hotel, dragging my rollie bag through uneven footpaths is not my idea of fun XD The staff were helpful and I also found out that I was upgraded from a single bed to a double – score! I got settled then loitered around the hotel thinking about whether to head out or not. Eventually I got myself to go out around 7pm… Oh land of the midnight sun and summer… it was still so nice, bright and sunny. I opted to head out to the fortress and the opera house with my iPad in tow – yes I’m the silly person taking photos on the iPad. In my opinion, it’s really better to just take the low quality photo on the phone at 5mpx which is the same as the iPad camera then transfer via dropbox for processing on the iPad, but if you are lazy and can’t be bothered… like me… then iPad it is! Here’s the results:


Until tomorrow~!


prat <3

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