Treasure Hunt Sunday!

Hi there~!

So, I have been throwing around the idea of hunting for some Sea Glass for a few weeks now. Sea glass is glass that has been weathered down to frosty roundness in waterbodies and thrown back onto sandy beaches ready for the treasure hunters 🙂 I’ve been telling my class mates every sunny day at class that I should go to Manly and go treasure hunting… but always opted for heading home and lazing instead. I know… absolute FAIL WHALE right there.

Finally, this GLORIOUS sunny Sunday, I enlisted my good friend and made a great fun day out of it. Knowing Sydney, we had Trackwork for the whole city, so we walked up from Central to Circular Quay (by choice, we could have taken a bus if we wanted to XD) to catch a ferry. On the way, we stopped off and had yummy udon, tasty carrot and red velvet cupcakes, gourmet marshmallows and caramels.

The day was actually windy and chilly, but the sun was definitely out and shining! Had a power nap on the Ferry so that when the ferry docked, we were off on an adventure! Actually… the real reason was that we had food coma and sugar overdose XD We wandered two beaches from manly wharf. It’s the same path if you walk the Spit bridge to Manly scenic walk.

Hunting for Sea Glass

Relaxing and hunting for Sea Glass at Manly

I thought it would be difficult to find the sea glass… but they were all lying exposed on the sand. The colours were definitely limited – found lots of green, brown and white… tiny pieces of yellow, light greens and a really light blue – but it was a great way to spend an afternoon out 🙂 They looked so pretty when wet. The pieces I collected were definitely small and not jewellery worthy at all, but great first experience! Next time my loot will be more! Hopefully i find a nice piece of red or cobalt blue!

Sea Glass

Sea Glass acquired!

Go hunt for your own seaglass. Learn more here 🙂


prat <3

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